How does it work?

  • Max Deposit is a unique feature that helps you maximise your savings. We use advanced AI technology to compare term deposit and regulated savings accounts of banks in Belgium. We always find the best offer.
  • Once we find it, we will match its conditions or make an even better offer. With Max Deposit you can be sure that your savings are working on the best terms possible. Each Regular member can save up to 100 000 EUR with Max Deposit on term deposit and additionally 100 000 EUR per on each of two dedicated regulated savings accounts.


Does Aion include all savings products in comparison?

We include all directly comparable products, i.e. products that work with the same terms. We don't compare products that have additional requirements or promotional conditions, for example joint offers with other products or regular saving products that require customers to deposit minimum monthly amounts.

How often do you update the best rates?

Our rates are no older than 3 days for Term Deposits and 18 days for RSAs. We will update them as frequently as possible. Rates are updated
by the bank. We check the rates offered by the selected competing banks as mentioned on the KID documentation available on their respective websites on a daily basis.

Current list of banks compared:

Argenta Spaarbank NV

Banque CPH

Belfius Banque

Beobank SA

BNP Paribas Fortis

bpost banque SA

CBC Banque

Centrale Kredietverlening

Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A




ING België NV

KBC Bank

Keytrade Bank

MeDirect Bank

Santander Consumer Bank SA

Triodos Bank

VDK Bank

Hello bank

Deutsche Bank AG


Bank de Kremer


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