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Dear Clients, 

Aion is closely monitoring the evolving circumstances related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). A dedicated task force has been created and meets daily to review the most current guidance from SPF Santé (, SPF Affaires étrangères, World Health Organization (WHO), the National Bank of Belgium, the financial sector federation, and other state and local authorities and makes proactive adjustments to our preparedness and response plans.  

With yours and our employees’ health and wellbeing in mind, we encourage you to use all our banking services through Aion's secure mobile app and 24/7 chat with our Customer Happiness Center, without leaving your home. 

Should it be necessary for you to visit a branch, please schedule your appointment. Contact us via chat in the app or on or send an email to and explain your urgency to visit our branch. You can also still arrange a visit directly with your branch advisor. 

In the first instance, we would try to help you remotely. If a remote help would not be sufficient, we would then arrange your requested visit in a branch. We will inform you during the chat conversation or in our email communication about the time and place of the appointment.

All our office-based employees are working remotely without interruptions. 

You can download our mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Happiness Center (24/7) through our app, clicking “Tap to get help” button or “Chat” on our webpage:

Your Aion Team

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